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Headlight aiming device PLA 35 digital


Luminoscope PLA 35




■ Compact, digital headlight aiming device

■ For setting and testing all types of headlights

■ Precise image processing technology for determining exact measured value results

■ Adjustable limit values ​​and tolerances for adaptation to customer-specific requirements

■ Large 7 ”color touch screen

■ High-quality alignment mirror for aligning the headlight aiming device to the vehicle


As a partner of the manufacturer LET we offer you analog as well as digital headlight adjustment testers (SEPs). The associated service and the necessary calibration services are a matter of course for us.

Messrs. LET is a well known and experienced manufacturer from Belgium and developed for almost 40 years Headlight setting testing equipment. These test devices are of very high quality and can often be found at well-known vehicle manufacturers in the factory or at leading test organizations.
With the purchase of a "LET headlight adjustment tester" you are investing in a future-oriented measuring device with the highest quality standard.


• A 7 ”color touch screen

With intuitive symbols, the user can use the device quickly and easily. For individual reading, the screen can be rotated 180 degrees in the desired direction by simply pressing a button.
• Visual and electronic assessment
The headlight images can be examined both visually and electronically. The advantages are obvious: Faulty images, for example caused by incorrectly inserted lamps, are recognized “visually” in advance. In addition, the electronic evaluation enables him to work without glare in connection with light-intensive light sources such as xenon, LED etc.
• Digital imaging technology
The display of the light-dark boundary of various headlight images is often backed up with a striking color transition. As a result, the visual evaluation enables a very large scope for interpretation. The position of the cut-off line is objectively calculated and evaluated using digital image processing technology. The result is always the same regardless of operator.
• pitch angle compensation (electronic spirit level)
The integrated electronic spirit level automatically compensates for uneven floors in the driving area of the headlight adjustment tester by up to ± 2%.
• Fast evaluation - checking and setting in real time
The operating system of the PLA35 is based on Linux. It only takes twelve seconds to boot or be ready for use. The measured value results are displayed without any noticeable time delay. This factual "real-time display" has a great advantage when adjusting the headlights: Together with the directional information on the screen, the user can quickly and precisely position the headlights in the correct position. The correct setting is confirmed by an acoustic signal.
• Checking and adjusting the latest headlight systems
The Luminoscope® PLA35 was developed for testing and adjusting all types of headlights (LED, matrix, etc.). Due to the close cooperation with the vehicle manufacturers, the PLA35 is constantly adapted to the latest innovations - and often at a time before the vehicles go into series production.
• Can be updated via download / USB stick
Using a download and a USB stick, the PLA35 owners can bring their device up to date.
• Easy positioning in front of the vehicle
All headlight adjustment testers from LET are equipped with a large Fresnel lens. In this way, the light functions distributed in the headlight can be better captured. The unique positioning control system notifies the operator of the best possible alignment with the vehicle.
• Ergonomic operation
The counterweight is integrated in the device column

Light collection box almost weightless and can therefore be adjusted in height without any significant effort.
• Digital results and expression
The PLA35 outputs all measurement results quickly and clearly on the 7 “color touch screen. This includes the graphical measurement values as well as the numerical evaluations of the cut-off line, the "hotspot", the intensity, etc. In addition, the operator can document and save all measurement values before and after the adjustment. This enables him to document a before and after result quickly and clearly for the vehicle owner - an important aspect, after all, more and more insurance companies are demanding a documented proof of repair!
By default, the PLA35 saves measurement results in PDF format in the device's own memory. If necessary, the workshop can copy this to a USB stick and process it further. Alternatively, the results can be transferred to a central network folder via WLAN.

• Robust construction
The chassis, the pillar, the light collection box and other components are extremely robust and guarantee almost maintenance-free use even under high-traffic conditions.
• Wide alignment mirror
All headlamp alignment testers from LET are equipped with a wide alignment mirror as standard. This allows a safe alignment option even under difficult lighting conditions.
• Green alignment laser optionally for the mirror
A “green alignment laser” (laser class 2M) is optionally available for the mirror to simplify the longitudinal alignment of the SEP with the vehicle. This laser offers a much better contrast than the conventional “red line lasers”. This is particularly helpful with dark paints and also in bright environmental situations. In addition, due to its high beam angle, this laser also offers advantages for simultaneous detection of both sides of the vehicle - both for high vehicle types (e.g. SUV) and when aligning in front of the respective headlight.
• WIFI, Bluetooth, HDMI ...
The digital headlight adjustment tester PLA 35 offers almost limitless communication options. Examples such as LAN, WLAN, Bluetooth, HDMI are just a few of them.


With us, the focus is on you as a customer. We want you to find exactly the right product and service for your application. That is why extensive advice is our top priority: so that you can make well-informed decisions.



We want you to be satisfied with our products and services. That is why we not only advise you before you buy, we also provide advice and support afterwards and remain your reliable contact.



We offer regular training and workshops on our products. You benefit from our many years of experience in this area. We always look forward to working with our customers.




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Our specialist and contact person for you

Manfred Rudhart eK

Telephone: +49 173 3844517




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TYPE: FAF 4300-3 / FAF 4300-10


The solution in detail

  • Meets legal and manufacturer-specific requirements regarding test bench requirements

  • Height-adjustable installation areas

  • High load-bearing capacity, also for use in commercial vehicles

  • Modular design enables the test station to be designed for different vehicle classes

  • Designed for above ground or foundation installation

  • Also suitable for installation on workshop floors with underfloor heating due to individual fastening methods

Image 3.jpg




The solution in detail

  • Foundation mounting frame for the efficient creation of headlight test stations

  • Acts as a position and puller frame for concrete and covering work

  • Millimeter-precise height adjustment via threaded anchor rods

  • Flexible test station design for different vehicle classes thanks to modular design

  • Meets legal and manufacturer-specific requirements

  • Complete set with all necessary connecting elements, screw and dowel materials

Image 4.jpg

Passable rail system

for SEP's (headlamp alignment testers)


The solution in detail

  • An individually developed ramp system protects the SEP rails from overloads, for example from vehicles driving over them.

  • The maximum height of 30mm guarantees a trip-free barrier.

  • Designed for above ground or foundation installation

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