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IA900WA wheel alignment + ADAS system

Available from us soon! Equip your car workshop now with an AUTEL wheel alignment device. The new Autel IA900 is a complete wheel alignment system with ADAS readiness designed to increase workshop productivity and profitability.

Autel ia900wa

New news from Autel


MAXISYS IA900WA is a complete wheel alignment + ADAS calibration device for cars and vans. Improve the efficiency and profitability of your car workshop.


  • Simulcast MaxiSYS Ultra to IA900WA

  • MaxiSYS Ultra tablet with controls

  • MaxiSYS interface instead of PC for wheel alignment

  • Robot frame motion

  • Precise optical measurement with 6 high-resolution cameras

  • Self-calibrating cameras, always accurate, every time

  • Cameras automatically track vehicle height as it is raised

  • 24 inch touch screen monitor

IA900 WA Vermessung
Autel IA900 WA Reifenkontrolle
IA900 = incoming check - tire check - visual check with 3 photos per wheel possible!
IA900 = incoming check - measure tire profile or scan it automatically with TBE200, air pressure check!
IA900 WA Autel
IA900 Autel
IA900 = preparation of the survey
IA900 = initial check - chassis check Photos and video with voice recording possible!
Autel ia900 ADAS
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autel ia900
Autel ia900 adas
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ia900 autel einstellung
autel ia900 kaufen
ia900 händler österreich
österreich autel ia900
deutschland ia900 autel
ia900 radar kalibrieren autel
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ia900 ACC autel kalibrieren
autel ia900 preis händler
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