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Unfortunately, there are always dealers not authorized by Autel Europe who import so-called "grey goods" to Europe in parallel, these goods often come from Great Britain or overseas (China).
At first glance, such an inexpensive gray import might seem like a good saving BUT please always remember that these productsNO EU WARRANTY (2 YEARS)and alsoNO TECHNICAL SUPPORThave.
We would therefore like to inform you that the Autel Europe GmbH guarantee only applies to products that have been purchased from an official dealer in Europe. If you bought an Autel product from one of our resellers in Europe, you also get the full warranty.

Please note that the warranty conditions may vary depending on the product and country. We recommend that you carefully review the warranty conditions before purchasing and contact us or your official Autel dealer directly if you have any questions or problems.

It happens over and overthat a gray imported product has to be sent back to the country of original delivery for repair, e.g. B. to China, for the purpose of guarantee - battery display exchange etc., this would then be a costly, time-consuming and risky affair. If you purchase an Autel tool designed for the Chinese market, for example, your updates may be blocked via your IP address and the tool will revert to its native language, making the tool unusable for you.
ALWAYS BUY AN ORGINAL TOOL from an authorized European dealer, so you always have free access to the local language!

Find Autel dealer Europe here

Any official purchased diagnostic tool can later be upgraded through us, such as ADAS, Haynes Pro etc.

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