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The MSOBD2KIT is an OBD2 kit compatible with MSUltra, MS919 and MS909 diagnostic scanners. It contains original equipment adapters that can be used on certain vehicles produced between 1996 and 2002 that do not have a standard OBD2 pin configuration.
Scope of delivery:

Nissan-14, Mitsubishi/Hyundai 12+16, Kia-20, BMW-20, Benz-38,
VW/Audi 2+2, Mazda 17, Chrysler 16 and Benz 14
Compatible with the MaxiFlash VCMI included with MS Ultra and MS919 and the MP408 4-channel oscilloscope (sold separately), the MSOAK kit includes 65A AC/DC current clamps, 650A AC/DC current clamps, coil-on Plug probe, HT extension cable (2pcs) and battery clips (2pcs) in a carrying case.
Maxisys MSOAK
autel can-fd adapter
Autel CAN FD Adapter
Autel CAN FD adapter supports CAN FD diagnostic protocol for vehicle models including MY2020 GM models. It is compatible with Autel VCI100, VCI Mini, MaxiFlash Elite J2534. Before use, you should update the VCI firmware. The update is performed using the MaxiSYS Tablet and the supplied USB cable. After completing the update, you should restart the VCI.
can fd adapter autel
tesla adapter autel
Tesla adapter cable Tesla S and Tesla X model
Compatibility kit for Autel Maxisys Ultra, Maxisys MS909 and Maxisys MS919 tablets with Tesla S and X vehicle models. It allows the Autel tablets to enter factory mode and perform system diagnostics. The kit contains three cables: LAN001, CAN001, CAN002.
Connection to Tesla port X861 (behind the instrument cluster) to enable factory mode (instrument cluster needs to be disassembled)
Connects to the Tesla port
X863 (below the central control screen) for diagnosing vehicles after 2015/September.
Connection to Tesla connector X863 (to the left of the instrument cluster) for diagnostic vehicles before 2015/September
Connects to Tesla port X437 (located under the central control screen) for diagnosing vehicles after 2015/September
Connects to Tesla port X437 (located under the central control screen) for diagnosing pre-2015/September vehicles.
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