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MX808 series will be replaced by MX900 series!
The Autel MX909 series is an upgrade of the MX808 series, offering even more performance and features. It features a faster processor, larger memory capacity and extended diagnostic coverage for a greater number of vehicle makes and models. 
Autel MaxiCheck MX900 is a new diagnostic scan tool specially designed to perform diagnostic, service and repair work on various vehicle systems. Here is some of the key information about this tool:
  • Compatibility: MaxiCheck MX900 is compatible with a wide range of vehicles including European, Asian and US vehicles manufactured from 1996 onwards.
  • Functions: The MX900 offers a variety of diagnostic functions including reading and clearing trouble codes, viewing live data streams, performing basic functions such as ABS bleed, steering angle sensor calibration and oil reset, as well as performing electronic brake tests and service resets.
  • User Interface: The MX900 features a user-friendly user interface that allows users to access all functions quickly and easily.
  • Updates: Autel offers regular software updates for the MX900 to ensure the tool is always compatible with the latest vehicle models and diagnostics.
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