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PowerScan PS100


The PowerScan Tool is the most revolutionary multimeter to date. With an AV-ometer, test lamp, built-in flashlight, short circuit indicator, relay / component tester, continuity tester and poor grounding indicator, the PowerScan is truly the ultimate in performance and affordability, so users can test the circuits in a single step. An absolute must for every technician who is looking for a quick and accurate solution for diagnosing electrical systems.


  • 1. Performs all types of services, including power injection, measurement, grounding, polarity, continuity, and component activation

  • 2. With the easy to read AVOmeter you can read voltage, current and resistance directly

  • 3. By pressing the power button, you have an instant hot / ground cable to turn on electrical components such as fans, relays, etc.

  • 4. Use the hot wire and ground wire at the same time to activate the components directly in your hand

  • 5. Instantly identifies positive, negative, and open circuits

  • 6. Instantly checks for poor ground contact so you can quickly track and locate shorts without wasting fuses

  • 7. Immediately checks the passage of switches, relays and diodes

  • 8. Circuit breaker protected

  • 9. You can work in the dark with the integrated flashlight

  • 10. The audio tone display enables scrolling in the menu without a look as soon as users are familiar with the assignment of the menu tones

  • 11. The 20 foot pull-out cable provides excellent accessibility for testing along the vehicle

  • 12. Extremely easy to use and very reliable

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