PowerScan PS100


The PowerScan Tool is the most revolutionary multimeter to date. With an AV-ometer, test lamp, built-in flashlight, short circuit indicator, relay / component tester, continuity tester and poor grounding indicator, the PowerScan is truly the ultimate in performance and affordability, so users can test the circuits in a single step. An absolute must for every technician who is looking for a quick and accurate solution for diagnosing electrical systems.


  • 1. Performs all types of services, including power injection, measurement, grounding, polarity, continuity, and component activation

  • 2. With the easy to read AVOmeter you can read voltage, current and resistance directly

  • 3. By pressing the power button, you have an instant hot / ground cable to turn on electrical components such as fans, relays, etc.

  • 4. Use the hot wire and ground wire at the same time to activate the components directly in your hand

  • 5. Instantly identifies positive, negative, and open circuits

  • 6. Instantly checks for poor ground contact so you can quickly track and locate shorts without wasting fuses

  • 7. Immediately checks the passage of switches, relays and diodes

  • 8. Circuit breaker protected

  • 9. You can work in the dark with the integrated flashlight

  • 10. The audio tone display enables scrolling in the menu without a look as soon as users are familiar with the assignment of the menu tones

  • 11. The 20 foot pull-out cable provides excellent accessibility for testing along the vehicle

  • 12. Extremely easy to use and very reliable


MaxiScope MP408 4 channel


The MaxiScope MP408 is a PC-based 4-channel automotive oscilloscope. It works in combination with your PC or MaxiSys tablet, which turns into a powerful diagnostic tool and gives you an insight into the interior of a vehicle's electronic circuits. With the user-friendly UI design in combination with the unrivaled hardware specifications, the MP408 system can measure and test practically all electrical and electronic components and circuits in modern vehicles. The MaxiScope MP408 module is powered directly via the USB port of the connected PC. This makes the system very versatile and portable.


  • 1. With automatic setup of the voltage scale and time base at the click of a mouse

  • 2. Works with all brands and models of modern vehicles

  • 3. Compatible with LIN, CAN and FlexRay data bus standards

  • 4. Reads and displays electrical signals in high resolution waveforms

  • 5. Allows manual editing of the display of measurement parameters

  • 6. Stores and verifies waveform data

  • 7. With color-coded 4-channel control panel

  • 8. The intuitive design of the user interface offers easy adjustment of the trigger point and real-time display of the scale information

  • 9. Direct power supply via USB connection

  • 10. Free online software update over the Internet

  • 11. Portable design with strong case and protective rubber