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With the CSS script, we can identify which cylinders are misfiring or have a reduced power contribution and the reason for the problem. The script does not rely on the capabilities of the scanner or onboard diagnostics and can provide additional information to analyze the cause of the problem. The script works by analyzing the power contribution of each cylinder during engine operation in different modes.
The CSS script can determine exactly which cylinder is less efficient than the others and what kind of problem the cylinder is having. The script determines whether the problem is in the mechanical part of the engine, in the fuel system or in the ignition system.
Kurbelwelle + Zündsignal
Autoscope Skript

TheElPower scriptused to diagnose the vehicle's starting and charging system, as well as to measure the relative compression of the cylinders of gasoline and diesel engines.

Analyzing the voltage waveform at the battery terminals and the current waveform obtained through the use of a current clamp, the ElPower script generates several report tabs showing a number of the measured and calculated properties of the system components. It also provides an assessment of the match of battery characteristics with starter characteristics. If it detects any discrepancies or malfunctions, the script automatically displays appropriate messages.

With this test you can check the properties and condition of:

  • battery

  • Diesel engine glow plugs

  • Starter

  • Relative compression in the engine cylinders (can be measured without using a current clamp)

  • generator

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