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Adaptive cruise control (ACC)


Control system for automatic adaptation of the vehicle speed to ensure a safe distance from vehicles in front. The control is based on sensor information from on-board sensors.

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Radar mirror (Bosch) CSC0602 / 01


  • Positions the calibration radar for VW, Porsche, BMW, Nissan, Infiniti, Hyundai and KIA vehicles.

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Mini reflector CSC0602 / 07


  • Together with the laser on the calibration frame, adjusts the radar so that it is perpendicular to the ground.

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Corner reflector CSC0802 / 01


  • Calibrates radar for Honda, Toyota, Hyundai and KIA vehicles by attaching it to the calibrator stand

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Radar calibration plate CSC0602 / 02


  • Calibrates the Continental radar for Nissan and Infiniti vehicles by attaching it to the slide frame of the calibration frame.

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Adjustment tool CSC0602 / 06


Adjustment tool Volvo CSC4000 / 01


  • Adjustment tool for Volvo ECU ASDM camera - radar

Autel CSC0602_08

Radar calibration plate VAG CSC0602 / 08


  • Calibrates radar for Volkswagen vehicles by attaching it to the calibration frame


Radar calibration plate VAG CSC0802 / 03


  • Calibrates radar for Nissan vehicles by attaching it to the calibration stand