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Autel MaxiSys ULTRA

MaxiSysUltra autel

Technical specifications:

- 12.9 '' touchscreen (2732px x 2048px) TFT-LCD Corelle glass

- Android 7.0 operating system

- Processor: 2.3GHz + 1.7GHz Samsung Exynos 8895V Octa-core

- RAM: 4GB - memory: 256 SSD

- 18000mAh - 8h continuous operation

- 16MP rear camera & 5MP front camera

Motor vehicle repair aids:

- Guided procedures with DTC analysis & error code solutions

- Topology mapping: All ECU system module status screen (on equipped vehicles)

- Relevant cases: troubleshooting with real repair instructions / repair tips / video library

- ADAS calibration software optionally available (purchase required)

- Split screen display for simultaneous display of several functions

Extended VCMI with 4-channel oscilloscope, multimeter, waveform generator and CAN BUS test
Oscilloscope function
20MHz bandwidth, more precisely with 80MS / s sampling rate, 32M buffer memory stores more complex signals, enables zooming and playback
Preset library for guided tests and waveforms, instructs technicians how to connect the oscilloscope to analyze errors
Offers a large number of preset settings, including connection diagrams, waveform library, reference waveforms, fault cause analysis and waveform adjustment with signal output via a waveform generator and voltage generator

Scope of delivery:

- VCMI and 4 channel oscilloscope - connector kit

- carrying case

- 2 years   Software updates via the Internet

- 1 access online database CAR-IDEA.NET

ECU programming & ECU coding: Online Programming & Coding for BMW (F & G Chassis) and Online Programming for New Mercedes Models

5-in-1 car
Maxi Flash VCMI: Combines the functions of VCI, oscilloscope, waveform generator, multimeter

In addition to being a diagnostic interface, it also functions as a 4-channel oscilloscope, signal generator, multimeter and CAN-BUS tester.
With the 3 diagnostic protocols (D-PDU / SAE J2534 / RP1210), Ultra can work with more OEM diagnostic tools and diagnose and program more vehicles than J2534 programming tools.

AutelMaxisys MS Ultraowns a very wide range of maintenance functions and reset functions to improve work efficiency. To the over 40 Commonly used reset functions include oil reset, EPB, BMS, ABS bleed, TPMS, airbag reset, DPF regeneration, IMMO service, injector coding, SAS calibration, chassis calibration, throttle body adaptation, ABS/SRS, gear learning, sunroof initialization, Seat calibration, language change, headlight adjustment, CHG tire size, cylinder, turbocharging, etc. Included are ach special functions such as neutral gear position learning, torque sensor adjustment, signal check, yaw rate sensor (YRS) learning, clutch pedal position learning, cylinder power balancing, component matching, stop/start reset, transport mode, automatic door locking, etc .
By utilizing these maintenance features, workshops and mechanics can complete most jobs quickly and efficiently without having to rely on expensive special tools or expertise.

Themodule topologyis a concept related to the structure and connections within a system. Autel MS Ultra Diagnostic Scan has a system topology in the way the tool identifies all modules in the vehicle and depicts their connections and communication paths. By displaying a topology map, users can get a visual representation of the entire system and see at a glance what modules are present and how they are connected to each other. This makes it easier to identify abnormalities or errors, as users can see which modules are affected and how they may affect other parts of the system.
The Autel MSUltra diagnostic scan tool also facilitates troubleshooting by allowing users to directly access the affected module and perform the DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) definition.

Autoscan functionUsed for vehicle diagnostic and repair tools to retrieve fault codes and other information from the vehicle's on-board computer. In many cases, the Autoscan feature can read the vehicle identification number (VIN), which is usually found on the vehicle's body or on a plate behind the windscreen. Using this VIN, the diagnostic tool can determine the make, model and year of the vehicle. This allows the diagnostic tool to pull up information specific to the vehicle in question and help the mechanic or technician diagnose and repair.


The Autel Ultra diagnostic platform offers a split-screen display function, which makes it possible to work on multiple tasks at the same time. With this function you can, for example, simultaneously view live data, check diagnostic results and retrieve vehicle information without having to switch between different menus. This drastically improves efficiency as you save time and can do multiple tasks at the same time. The split screen display feature is particularly useful for complex diagnostic and repair work where multiple parameters need to be monitored. By running multiple tasks at the same time, you can work faster, more effectively, and reduce the chance of errors.

Dual wireless connection

The Autel MaxiSys Ultraowns a fast and stable WiFi connection between the ultra tablet and the VCMI. This connection allows technicians to perform trouble-free diagnostics by establishing a secure and reliable connection between the two devices.
Unmatched vehicle coverage
The Autel MaxiSys Ultra is a top-end diagnostic scan tool that offers extensive coverage of over 80 US, EU and Asian vehicle brands, including supercars. In addition, the tool is regularly updated and also supports newer vehicles that will be launched in 2023 and later.
Hardware Configuration 
Autel's MaxiSys Ultra is a very advanced diagnostic tablet designed to diversify repair shop knowledge pools. The tablet features a 13-inch touchscreen display with Android 7.0 OS powered by a powerful octa-core processor. With 256GB of onboard storage and support for new split-screen multi-application navigation, technicians can quickly and easily access diagnostic guides and test components to confirm repairs.
The MaxiSys Ultra also features dynamic topology module mapping, advanced Auto-SCAN capabilities, and intelligent diagnostic options that provide technicians with a step-by-step repair guide. The new MaxiFlash VCMI serves as a 4-channel oscilloscope, signal generator, multimeter and CAN-BUS tester, making it a versatile tool for vehicle diagnostics.
The convenient docking station ensures technicians can scan anytime, anywhere. 
The Autel MaxiSys MS Ultra with the latest software update offers the possibility to print reports directly without the need for a connection to a PC. After the report has been generated, you can simply click the "Print" button and have the report printed out immediately on your printer. This feature can increase efficiency by saving time and reducing the need for additional equipment such as laptops or computers. However, please note that direct printing of reports may require a compatible printer.
The AutelMaxiSys Cloud is a cloud-based platform for storing diagnostic reports and other data related to vehicle diagnostics. With Autel Cloud, diagnostic reports can be uploaded and shared with customers. This can be done via QR codes, emails or SMS, allowing customers to view the reports at any time and from any device as long as they have internet access. This feature can be very useful for professionals in the automotive field, such as mechanics or car repair shops, to facilitate the exchange of information and reports with customers. By having access to their diagnostic reports at any time, customers can keep up-to-date on the condition of their vehicle and track the progress of repair work.
Autel remote expert
Connect to remote programmers
  • Pre-qualified experts connect securely to the remote vehicle
  • Access real-time communications via integrated instant messaging and voice
  • Remote Expert is included with your active AUTEL MS909, MS919 and Ultra tools subscription


The AutelMaxiSys ULTRAhas an integrated step-by-step repair guide, in addition several repair suggestions, technical service bulletin, DTC analyses, component measurement and solved repair cases

4 kanal oszi mit CAN Bus
ECU Programmierung
autel msoak
VCMI with 4-channel oscilloscope, multimeter, waveform generator and CAN BUS test, oscilloscope function 20MHz bandwidth (80MS/s sampling rate, 32M buffer memory) stores more complex signals, allows zoom and playback. Preset library for guided tests and waveforms, instructs technicians how to connect the oscilloscope to analyze errors.
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autel service
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Autel scope
4 kanal scope autel
autel scan funktion
Imggggage 009.jpg
(8-11) 4 colored BNC sockets (Scope)
(7) Diagnostic cable (OBD cable)
(6) LAN cable (remote)

autel cloud
ultra splitting
cloud bericht
remote experte ADAS exclusiv
intelligente diagnose autel
Optional Extensions - Database Haynes Pro 

The Haynes Pro is a software suite specifically designed for the automotive industry. It offers a comprehensive solution for workshops, car dealerships and technical service providers to provide repair, maintenance and diagnostic information for vehicles. Haynes Pro offers a wide range of features including a comprehensive technical database for diagnostic and repair guides, as well as a large schematic database.

As a loyal Autel customer, we would like to give you the opportunity to benefit from our special prices for the Haynes Pro database. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and to take advantage of this offer. 
haynes Pro Autel
haynes Pro kaufen
haynes Pro angebote (online database) Now 1 year included with a new purchase!
Working with our company, you can now get online access to exclusive offers and services not available to anyone else. You will benefit from the advantages that only  our customers can enjoy. datenbank
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