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Wheel alignment + ADAS calibration

The new Autel IA900WA is a wheel alignment and at the same time it is used for ADAS CALIBRATION. This will improve your profitability

  • 4 inch touch screen monitor

  • Simulcast with MaxiSYS Ultra

  • MaxiSYS Ultra tablet mount with controls

  • MaxiSYS interface instead of PC for wheel alignment

  • Movement of the robot frame

  • Precise optical measurement with 6 high-resolution cameras

  • Self-calibrating cameras, always accurate, every time

  • Cameras automatically track vehicle height on the lift

WHEEL ALIGNMENT Cameras automatically track the elevation of wheel targets on the lift.

autel ia900w
ia900wa autel richter

This system is an innovative tool that can perform both wheel alignment and ADAS calibration. It is the first of its kind and offers time and cost savings for workshops and technical service providers.


ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) are technologies that help increase road safety. They leverage the latest interface standards and run multiple image processing-based algorithms to support real-time multimedia, image processing co-processing, and sensor fusion subsystems. These life-saving systems are an important key to the success of ADAS applications.
Extensions are constantly being added to enable the calibration of various camera and radar systems in the front, rear and surrounding areas, as well as more complex components such as the innovative laser scanner in new Audi models.
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