Multi Scope Pro - USB storage oscilloscope with 8 channels

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1… 4 inputs– ± 30 V

5, 6 inputs - ± 300 V

7, 8 inputs - built-in ignition adapter


1 channel - 12.5 MHz

2 channel - 5 MHz

4 channel - 2.5 MHz

8 channel - 1.25 MHz

The current USB Autoscope is a completely new generation of an 8-channel automotive diagnostic oscilloscope and engine tester. This device was specially developed for the display, recording and analysis of all signals from electronic systems in today's and older automobiles. (Oltimer - ignition oscilloscope)

The USB scope enables comprehensive and in-depth diagnostics of almost all systems in the vehicle:


  • Ignition system

  • Injection systems and fuel supply

  • Engine mechanics

  • Sensors and actuators

  • Data bus systems and networks


The records provide precise information about the status and operations of electronic and mechanical systems of vehicles, in a way one obtains information that normal diagnostic tools are unable to provide in this way.

Image 6.jpg

Airflow meter output signal

Image 7.jpg

Air mass meter output signal

Image 8.jpg

Air mass meter output signal frequency HFM6

Image 9.jpg

1 = secondary signal - 3 = primary signal

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