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Total EV ChargingSolution for future eMobility

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Autel is a global player in the automotive industry that has driven the development of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in recent years. Aiming to promote sustainable development in the automotive industry, Autel now offers a full range of charging solutions. Autel offers a holistic approach to building charging infrastructure, including maintenance solutions, hardware, cloud, big data and artificial intelligence to cover different usage scenarios. The company has established a comprehensive R&D department and quality control system to provide the right solutions for future challenges. Since developing its own diagnostic solutions for the automotive industry, Autel has built a comprehensive system covering all business areas including software, hardware, design and testing to meet the quality requirements of its customers.

MaxiCharger AC Compact 7,4 kW
MaxiCharger AC Compact 
The ultimatemative low cost AC charger
High-quality choice for more energy when charging at home
Charge up to 22 kW AC, three times faster than conventional AC chargers
Optimized installation and maintenance costs
Smaller than a tablet, lighter than a laptop 
Modular design, easy installation and maintenance at low cost
Comprehensive security concept for every situation
Reliable charging through a variety of protection mechanisms RCD type AC 30 mA + DC 6 mA Auslaufschutz 
Product flyer AC Compact
MaxiCharger AC Compact
autel maxicharger ac compact

Fast  -  Simple  -  Reliable

MaxiCharger AC Wallbox 7 - 22 kw
MaxiCharger AC Wallbox for electric cars with charging plug type 1 or type 2
  • Triple Protection Technology for safe charging
  • Intelligent battery diagnostics for longer battery life
  • Choose between 7kW, 11kW, 22kW 
  • Dynamic load balancing
  • Active load management
  • Handy APP (free) schedules fees, shows status, session details, etc.
  • Indoor or outdoor mounting options
  • Over the Air Updates
  • Status display with 4 LEDs on the front panel
Autel Charge APP
The new Autel Charge APP is an in-house APP developed by Autel software engineers to not only monitor your charges, you can also see the status of your vehicle battery and possibly manage multiple chargers with our platform. This Autel Charge APP can be found in the Apple APP & Google Play Stores.  


Adaptive load management ALM

The EV charger's ALM (Adaptive Load Management) function is similar to the DLB (Dynamic Load Balance) function, but puts more emphasis on the appropriate allocation of the available capacity when there are different loads in the system.

Autel AC Wallbox farben
MaxiCharger ALM Funktion

Dynamic load balancing DLB

The dynamic load management feature gives you so many benefits.
With the help of DLB, you can reduce investment costs, keep the network secure and, as an investor, increase income opportunities.

Maxicharger Dynamischer Lastausgleich
Autel Lademanagement-Software

charge management software

With our one-stop SaaS solution, you can easily, intelligently and insightfully manage your charging network. 

  • Optimize your EV charging routine 

  • Receive notifications when loading is complete.

  • Control the charging of your smart home 

  • Track the health of your EV battery while charging

Installation guide video

Watch this video and follow the step-by-step guide if you have any questions during the installation.

We recommend that you contact a licensed electrician in your area to determine what type of electrical system you will be installing (residential or commercial charging power). 

Installation instructions AC Wallbox
MaxiCharger DC Compact 47 kw
MaxiCharger DC Fast 60 - 240 kw
MaxiCharger DC Fast AD 160 kw
MaxiCharger DC High Power
MaxiCharger DC Compact
High performance in a very affordable, compact package

Engineered to increase charging efficiency

​Dual connections provide up to 47 kW of power
Simultaneous charging of 2 vehicles
30 minutes of charging corresponds to a range of 130 km

Optimized for each location
Ultra-compact with high DC power in a small package
Very flexible installation allows a fixed or mobile application DC
Compact offers low installation costs

Increase your return on investment
User-friendly 21.5 inch LCD touch screen
Supported by Android 10 operating system with improved ad placement
Open up new sources of income

Product flyer Autel DC Charger 47kW
MaxiCharghe DC FaSt

Faster and more efficient charging

Up to 240 kW fast charging
Offers fast charging bi
s to 265 kW in 10 minutes with a maximum output current of 400 A Charging speed increased by up to 30% with boost mode

Increase your return on investment
Display of information such as charging status (State of Charge, SOC), costs, kWh Additional channel for increasing sales by displaying advertisements
Open up new sources of income, ind
em you communicate with customers

Worry-free charging
Continuous testing and assessment of new vehicles for interoperability
Compatible with all vehicles with IEC standard
Load success rate higher than industry average

Product flyer MaxiCharger DC Fast 60 - 240kW
MaxiCharger DC Fast AD
The world's fastest charger with a high-resolution 4K display

Engineered for better user experiences

​ SchnellCharge up to 160 kW in 10 minutes - with up to 175 km more range
Charging under full load without overheating thanks to natural cooling technology
Plug & Charge 15118 ready for full vehicle connectivity
OCPP compliance enables extensive network integration

Designed as a premium solution for outdoor use 
55-inch 4K HD screen with Mini-LED technology for excellent picture quality 2,500 lumens screen brightness offers the best outdoor view

Increase your return on investment
AI customer matching technology enables targeted advertising
Thanks to advanced wireless conversion technology, your smartphone can
be reflected on the monitor
Access to global media assets and resources
Android 10 dual operating system for more innovative applications
To communicate, support or acquire new customers
Product flyer MaxiCharger DC Fast 160kW
MaxiChargerDC High POWER
Autel's AI charging system

Technology with multiple protection

​Charger + Cloud BMS + Real-time data analysis for multiple safety alerts Safe charging mode, avoid overcharging and keep the battery stable
Real-time battery health monitoring to prevent thermal damage

Intelligent battery diagnosis
Up to 20% longer battery life thanks to our industry-leading AI battery diagnostic algorithm
Safe charging mode to protect the battery

Super high compatibility/480kW fast charging
Compatible with 99.5% of EVs, charging success rate up to 99% 480kW fast charge provides 200km range in 5 minutes
Maximum conversion efficiency up to 96% thanks to the Huawei HiCharger DC charging module
Product flyer MaxiCharger DC High Power 480kW
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