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AUTEL Helpline - Technical hotline


As a vehicle service company in the field of vehicle diagnostics, we support our customers in their daily work in the workshop! The constantly increasing requirements in vehicle repair, maintenance and diagnosis / troubleshooting are no longer or difficult to cope with for all vehicle brands without external support. That is why we would like to support you as a vehicle workshop in Germany / Austria with vehicle information and data for diagnosis, but also for all other repairs! Not all of the current data is always at hand, or the manufacturer's field campaigns - recall campaigns on the screen to ensure quick troubleshooting.


In addition, we support you in the area of further education and measurement technology!


We offer a professional service for all of this!

Autel remote expert
Developed by Autel, Remote Expert is a cloud-based solution that provides technicians with module programming needs a connection to pre-qualified remote experts on site. Offered through supported MaxiSYS tablets, technicians now have the opportunity to connect with experts who are ready to fulfill their programming needs.

remote expert autel
autel remote expert

Instructions for Autel printing function


Installation for Maxi PC Suite Printer (Maxi PC Suite)

Data logging function


In MaxiSys Tablet software problems can be solved efficiently by the data recording function. The user can save or upload the error during the diagnostic process. Errors can be divided into different types or described in detail. The Engineer support team will then make a patch available to all users in the next update. Watch this video to learn more about data logging.


TS508 update instructions


Instructions for Autel MaxiTPMS TS508

Free updates!




AUTEL VCI update




Autel MaxiSYS memory too small?


Troubleshooting SD card 16GB Class 10

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