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Lane Departure Warning (LDW)


Warns the driver when the vehicle leaves the highway. Designed to minimize collisions: driver errors, distractions and drowsiness.


Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

Control system to automatically adjust vehicle speed to maintain a safe distance from vehicles in front. Control is based on sensor information from onboard sensors .


night vision (NV)

Uses a thermal imaging camera to improve driver perception and see distance out of range of the vehicle's headlights in darkness or poor weather.


Around View Monitoring (AVM)

Provides a bird's-eye view of a 360-degree virtual scene of the car. This makes parking easier for the driver by better understanding the vehicle's surroundings.


Blind Spot Detection (BSD)

Vehicle-based sensor function that detects other vehicles on the driver's side and rear of the vehicle and then issues a proximity warning.


Rear Collision Warning (RCW)

Braking when stationary to avoid rear-end collisions. Alarm if the engine starts and cannot be stopped. Warn the driver of the vehicle approaching from behind by flashing quickly.


HUD - Head Up Display (HUD)

Vehicle speedometer or navigation details are projected onto the windshield as a transparent display, so the driver does not have to look away from the road while driving.

The ADAS Setup Guide (ADAS Filter) is a tool that helps calibrate the security system in a vehicle. It provides guidance on the calibration patterns, targets, and components required for specific security system calibration. It also shows distance requirements between vehicle and target or components. To use it, one must first select the Autel ADAS product (hardware) and specific vehicle (manufacturer/type) to see associated ADAS targets, patterns and components, and calibration information.
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