Selected 2018 models include a new module called Security Gateway (SGW). This module isolates the vehicle CAN-BUS, infotainment (radio) CAN-BUS and diagnostic connector CAN-BUS (OBD-II). It also prevents diagnostic tools from running active diagnostic routines, e.g. B. Delete error codes, execute actuators, control unit programming, etc.

In coordination with the EGEA (Association of European Workshop Equipment Manufacturers), FCA is introducing an "authenticated diagnosis", with which the diagnostic providers of the multi-brand testers are once again to be able to perform full diagnostic functions on FCA vehicles according to the 2017 model.


The FCA Group with Fiat and Chrysler were the first manufacturers to introduce this technology. Other manufacturers will surely follow, it is known that VW will also use a security gateway for the new Golf 8 in January 2020, possibly Mercedes will use this SGW from the 2020 models.


The following vehicles are affected by FCA with SGW today:

Alfa Romeo Giulia (GA) 2017- Stelvio (GU) 2018-

Chrysler 300 (LX) 2018- Pacifica (RU) 2018-

Dodge Ram (D2, DD, DF, DJ, DP, DS, DT) 2018- Journey (JC) 2018- Challenger (LA) 2018-

Fiat 500L (BG) 2018- 500X (FB) 2018- Doblo 2018-

Jeep Renegade (BU 2018- Wrangler (JL) 2018- Cherokee (KL) 2019- Grand Cherokee (WK) 2018- Compass (MP) 2019-