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We've got your workplace charging needs covered too!
Arbeitsplatz wallbox
Increase productivity

Save your employees worry and time by allowing them to charge the vehicle while they work.

increase employee retention

Keep your employees engaged by offering them a benefit they value greatly.

Improve the brand image and be a pioneer

Show all your customers and employees that you are an employer that contributes to a green and sustainable world.

MaxiCharger AC Wallbox
Maxi Charger AC wall box

Intelligent home AC charger. Safe, fast and reliable.

Easy to install, easy to maintain

  • Complete the installation within 8 minutes without opening the back cover

  • Modular design, easy to maintain

  • Firmware update via our MaxiCharge software

charge management software

Use our charging management software to track, manage and optimize EV charging at your location.

  • station management

  • driver management

  • Smart charging

  • e-roaming

Technical specifications
product information
  • Charging type = mode 3 charging

  • Input/Output Power and Current = Single Phase up to 7.4kW/32A; Three-phase up to 22 kW/32 A

  • Protection = overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, ground fault including DC fault protection, built-in           Overvoltage protection

  • Input/Output Voltage = 230V ±15%, single phase; 400V ±15%, three-phase 50Hz

  • Network Type = TT, TN

general characteristics

  • IP and IK degree of protection = PROTECTION CLASS IP65; IK08

  • Operating altitude = 2,000 m

  • Operating temperature range = -40°C ~ +55°C

  • Storage temperature range = -40°C ~ +85°C

  • Mounting = wall or floor with a base

  • Dimensions (H×W×D) = 336×187×85 mm

user interface

  • Status display = LED / app / touchscreen (optional)

  • UI = MaxiCharge app; MaxiCharge Service software

  • Connectivity = 4G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet

  • Communication protocols = OCPP 1.6J

  • User authentication = App, RFID card, QR code

software update

  • Software update = OCPP 1.6J, APP or web portal


Certifications and Standards

  • Safety standards = IEC/EN 61851-1, EN 62311, EN 62479, IEC/EN 62955

  • Certification = CE, TUV

  • Guarantee = 36 months

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DC wallbox 20kw
Maxi Charger DC wall box

The MaxiCharger DC Wallbox is a fast charger that is compatible with 99.5 percent of the electric vehicles on the market.

Autel EV is pleased to announce its brand new smart charge product line, including the MaxiCharger DC Wallbox.


The MaxiCharger DC Wallbox takes alternating current from the grid and converts it into direct current directly in the box.


The wall box with 20 kilowatts of power charges vehicles quickly and efficiently with direct current.


In addition, the wallbox offers high performance and a low noise level of only 55 decibels, which ensures quiet charging.


The MaxiCharge DC Wall Box is currently the cheapest option on the market.

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