77Ghz Radar - Smart radar for more security

Autel ATS100 is a turn assistant specially designed for large commercial vehicles with precise target recognition and recognition capabilities. It can cover 180° on one side with no blind spots, and the detection range of targets such as pedestrians and bicycles can be up to 80*7m. It is a complete turn assistant solution for commercial vehicles with audible and visual interactive warning and can provide on-demand active braking functions.

ATS100 Abbiegeassistent


•A turning assistant that complies with European standards and is UN ECE R151 certified. 

•180° acquisition FOV with no blind spots. The detection distance of VRUs (Vulnerable Road Users) is 80x7m. 

• Ability to brake automatically
•Highly intelligent alerts, extremely low false alarm rate.
•Target classification capability; can distinguish between motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles

Easy to install
•Automatic alignment

  •Highly integrated solution (radar + display), no additional control unit required

Broad vehicle compatibility
•Commercial vehicles, buses, trucks, trailers, tractors

ASR100 Millimeterwellenradar



77 GHz millimeter wave radar

  The vehicle specification level, which can cover a 0°~180°, is designed for medium and large commercial vehicles, reduces the risk of collision from blind spots when the vehicle turns right and changes lanes, and meets the requirements of commercial vehicle steering assistance system according the European standard.

- Detection range up to 80m x 7m for weak target classes (bicycles)

- Has the ability to identify objects and can accurately distinguish between motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles

AMR100 Radar



77GHz forward millimeter wave radar. Faced with the demands of intelligent driving, it adopts advanced super-resolution algorithm, antenna design and chip solution. It has a long range detection capability of 250 meters, a horizontal angle resolution of 2° and an altitude classification capability. Forward ADAS functions such as safety-related automatic emergency braking (AEB) and adaptive cruise (ACC) can be implemented autonomously. The hardware timing design facilitates the system integration of the current mainstream intelligent driving platform. The products comply with the Euro NCAP 2020 regulatory standards and related functional safety certifications.